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 Our Story

Our Story

We specialise in software systems and solutions that make your business more effective, efficient, and profitable, with special focus on Security, Performance and Integration. We are experts in Enterprise Java solutions, including a number of ready-made original B2B products and hardcore engineering of high-performance bespoke solutions brought from your initial idea into a fruitful realisation.

We have enriched and simplified the lives of multiple Clients including heavyweights TEVA, Skandia, Castorama (KingFisher Group), Provident, Mylan and UNIQA. But we have also helped dozens of small and medium businesses and are driven to use our unique skills and capabilities to help others achieve success.

Our team provides an unlikely combination of entrepreneurial business imagination won in the business school of hard knocks with top-class expertise in IT, computer science and software engineering. This gives us unique insight and position to build efficient solutions that cut straight to the core of business aspirations and problems faced by our Clients.

We would be delighted to hear from you to see if and how we can help you and your organisation become even more successful.

Meet our Team

We are a Team of highly experienced business and technology experts, with background in software engineering and corporate IT management
Mariusz Kokoszkiewicz
Mariusz Kokoszkiewicz
Rafal Goralski
Rafal Goralski
Director of Technology
Tomasz Sienicki
Tomasz Sienicki
Senior Integration Architect
Damian Gutkowski
Damian Gutkowski
Business System Analyst

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