Why use SecureVisio™?

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What is SecureVisio™?

SecureVisio™ is a modern IT GRC (Governance, Risk management, Compliance) solution designed for any organization, that allows to automate many complex and time-consuming IT security management processes. In practice, at the highest level it is not possible to maintain the safety of all IT systems in an organization. Effective security strategy assumes that people responsible for the security focus their attention on IT systems of critical importance to the organization.

SecureVisio™ understands the technical aspects of security, but also knows the business role of the most important IT systems in the organization.

SecureVisio™ – Features Overview

While managing the organization’s security, SecureVisio™ knows which business processes are supported by specific IT systems, how important they are to the organization, how important is the data processed by specific IT systems and thanks to IT security expert knowledge and algorithms of the risk management, SecureVisio™ knows the consequences for the organization that follow a security incident in a particular IT system.

Usually this knowledge is spread between many people and dozens of often outdated documents. SecureVisio™ is a single system that maintains the information needed to govern IT security of the organization.

The main component of SecureVisio™ is an interactive, electronic documentation of networks, systems, and IT security.

SecureVisio™ shows the overall picture of the organization’s IT security in technical as well as business areas, and ensures effective security management of IT systems critical for the organization.

  • Easy in maintenance electronic IT security documentation
  • Automation of key processes of IT security management
  • Avoids security breaches within IT systems with critical importance to the organization
  • Optimizes the costs of IT security development and maintenance
  • Business resilience by focusing on IT systems supporting critical business processes

  • Effective security management focused on the IT systems of critical importance to the organization
  • Adds intelligence and business context to technical safeguards improving the organization’s business resilience
  • Automates many complex and time consuming processes of IT security management
  • Easy in maintenance electronic IT security documentation covering technical and business areas
  • IT security expert knowledge base assisting in difficult decisions and reducing the risk of errors
  • Works as an independent IT GRC solution in an organization or as an intelligent platform to build Security Operations Center (SOC)
  • Easy compliance with the requirements of the law and security standards (including PCI-DSS, ISO-27001)

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