Security is not a luxury. It is a necessity

As your business and the lives of your employees and customers are becoming increasingly digital, security becomes critical to your stability, reputation and profits.

The stakes are being raised which attracts more and more hackers – professionals with support from organised crime syndicates, terrorist organisations and rogue governments – to go out on the hunt for weak prey to their illegal methods of fraud, theft, and disruption.

Cases of data breach such as those that badly affected Sage, TalkTalk, Kiddicare, Sony PSN, Morrison’s, T-Mobile and NHS in the UK, as well as LinkedIn, Yahoo! and Hillary Clinton in the run up to the US elections – which are just a tip of an iceberg of a much larger number of less prominent cases – are on the news with increasing frequency.

For many smaller organisations a cyber-attack may be a threat not only to their growth prospects, but even to their survival.

This shifted investment in security from a good-to-have yet often neglected option, to an absolute must for any organisation that wants to protect its most critical assets and investments from external and internal threats.

This is why Omega Code is offering a comprehensive security management solution SecureVisio™ by eSecure. We are the UK exclusive partner of the manufacturer and are offering SecureVisio™ with a range of services for analysis, planning, deployment, configuration and support of this excellent tool.

Find out more in our SecureVisio™ product page, by selecting SecureVisio from our Products menu, or by clicking on the image below.


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