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Building powerful online experiences, websites and e-Commerce in the smart way

Website is the most important channel of communication with your customers. A great website boosts their confidence and loyalty to your brand. But nowadays a simple static website will no longer do. Your customers are expecting great, personalised and engaging experiences.

E-commerce is the fastest growing, versatile, powerful and future proof sales channel, exceptionally valuable to any retailer as part of their branding, marketing and sales strategy. E-commerce is what your customers are excepting today, and what in significant part shapes their image of and experience with your brand.

We base our website, web applications, on-line platforms and e-Commerce systems on the most powerful, complete and reliable open-source solution available: Pimcore.

Pimcore is a comprehensive solution for creating and managing outstanding digital experiences, that’s used on over 80,000 websites globally.

It provides powerful, yet simple to use, Content Management System (CMS), Product Information Management (PIM), omni-channel commerce, marketing automation, and merges seamlessly with other on-line platforms and web sites, powering some of the largest on-line shops.

Omega Code is a technology partner of Pimcore. You can read more about this powerful platform on our dedicated product page here.

Talk to us today – in confidence and with no obligation – to see how we can help you achieve success with your new award-winning website, web app, on-line platform or e-Commerce site.


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