Why use Flopsar™?

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What is Flopsar™ Suite?

Flopsar™ Suite is a tool for performance management applications in an extremely busy production environments based on JAVA.

We are an exclusive UK distributor of the Flopsar™ Suite, which we offer with an excellent range of diagnostics, deployment and support services.

Key features:

  • Fault detection or non-standard behavior of the real-time applications
  • Full diagnosis with root cause analysis
  • 24/7/365 – Full history of processing
  • Intuitive Graphical User Interface.
  • Zero cost of training, minimum implementation time

Flopsar Galaxy– pattern recognition


  • Visualize every single request (dot)
    Request – the implementation of the business function / method
  • Colour – a cluster of servers, a single server, the application layer

Real Time:

  • System failure has just happened (unavailability)
  • System is slowing down and users may complain on inefficient operation of application
  • Client request cannot be executed due to errors (external / internal)
  • System is overloaded

Analysis of historical data

  • In-depth analytics application (performance audit)

Easy deployment and use

  • No costly deployments (max 30 min)
  • No training
  • Simple GUI
  • Ultimate trust (100, 1000, 1mln of Agents). Software which works
  • Elastic licence agreements (corporate vide, perpetual, time itp.)


Correlation of application layers

  • Red – Enterprise Service Bus
  • Blue– Portal Sever
  • Green– Apache (load balancer)

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